Operating Systems

Install and reinstall an operating system faster than the amount of time you take to drink your coffee.


Frequently asked questions, answered

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How much time does it take to install an operating system?

Quick answer: it is super fast. Most operating systems available have pre-installed images ready to use. Select the operating system and press the button to install. It will be ready to use almost immediately.

Why the Distro I want to use is not available in the order form?

Only the most used Linux distributions are available during the order form. Select any of the available ones to proceed. You will be able to reinstall the server after your order with the Linux distribution of your choice.

How much does it cost to use a Windows License?

Our Cloud Servers are compatible with Windows. However, we do not sell, lease or provide any kind of licenses for any Microsoft Products at this time. You are responsable for any fees, licenses and agreements with Microsoft.

Is it possible to connect remotely to a desktop?

Yes, we have pre-installed images with a desktop installed, or you can use the available ISOs in our library to install a desktop. Alternatively, you can upload an ISO to install your favorite desktop.