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We are ready to help design your architecture, deploy software, carry out site migrations, and much more.

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(*) Unlimited Servers support does not have a limit on the number of servers supported. Instead, we place a limit on the number of hours. The limit is 36 hours per year (when you pay per year) or 3 hours per month (when you pay per month). Additional hours are available at $30/hour when you pay per year or $50/hour when you pay per month.


We’re right here, whenever you require assistance

Achieve the short and long-term goals of your business with our professional services.

Website migrations

Let us migrate your website with the least amount of downtime. We'll handle everything from copying all your data, databases, emails, and DNS.

Infected Website Recovery

Depending on your preference or the fastest option to put your site back online, we will restore a backup or manually clean the website.

Disaster Recovery

The storage devices of your server failed, or you deleted all data by mistake? Allow us to analyze the situation and handle everything for you.

Tuning and Optimization

We are experienced in identifying performance issues and bottlenecks. Let us improve the performance of your server and software.

Software Deployments

We are ready to install your software using the best practices. Stop worrying about why your software is not working. We will take care of everything.

High availability

We will work with you to create and deploy a highly available environment to have the least downtime possible and tailored to your specific needs.


Frequent Answers

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, please contact us.

What professional plan should I choose?

If you require to host websites or email, you can choose a Managed Server. If you require root access or have a complex project on your hands, you can get a single or unlimited plan depending on the number of servers and tasks.

Why would I hire your professional services?

You would hire us for our experience and expertise. If you are unfamiliar with a particular technology, app, or service, we can deploy and have it running for you before you have finished reading any tutorial or manual.