Refund Policy

Last Revision: 12-05-2018

OpenVServers provide a 15-day money-back guarantee for the following services located in Munich and Nuremberg:

  • Web Hosting Standard (Low Cost)
  • Web Hosting Premium
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Essential Servers

The offer is only valid for the first service or product purchased less than 15 days old by the same legal person or entity.

Payments received from the same source (e.g. same credit card or paypal account) will always be considered from the same person or entity.

Services or products paid for with Transferwise, Bank Transfers, Western Union, Bitcoins and Paypal accounts are not eligible for the 15-day money-back guarantee.

It is necessary to cancel the service within the first 15 days of purchase. We suggest canceling the service instantly using the Manager (client area). Alternatively, an email can be sent to request a cancellation.

After the service is canceled, a refund can be requested by sending an email or opening a ticket. Please note, we don’t refund any amount before the service is canceled.

All refunds are usually processed within 72 hours, between Monday and Friday.

After the 15-day money-back guarantee, any unused time may still be refunded.

Any free services and discounts provided will be calculated and charged up to the maximum amount of your refund.

We charge an administrative fee of 30 USD for our efforts and transaction expenses to proceed with a refund after the 15-day money-back guarantee.

We reserve the right to accept or deny any refund requests after the 15-day money-back guarantee.

There are no refunds for any of the following service(s) or purchase(s), independently of how much time has passed, including but not limited to the following services:

  • Domain Registrations
  • Domain Renewals
  • Domain Late Fees
  • Semi-Dedicated Servers
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Hybrid Servers
  • Private Clouds
  • Paid Support
  • Managed Services
  • Installation Fees
  • Administrative Fees

Any uploaded funds or credited amounts to the client account are non-refundable.

Any services or products offered in other locations are non-refundable.