Billing Policy

Last Revision: 27-10-2018

1. Subjects and Object

1.1. The Billing Policy, hereinafter BP, are legally intended to govern the terms and conditions to describe how services and subscriptions are billed by our services, hereinafter referred by OPENVSERVERS, and the subscriber to the services, hereinafter called the CLIENT.

1.2. This annex must be understood as an integral part of and be combined with the general conditions of service, hereinafter the GC, and with the specific conditions of the service subscribed to by the CLIENT.

2. Electronic Invoice

2.1. The CLIENT acknowledges and accepts that OPENVSERVERS issue electronic invoices in consideration for the provision of the any paid services.

3. Costs and Payment Methods

3.1. For any services, the CLIENT must pay in advance the prices which are stated.

3.2. The price of the services are specified in the price lists shown on OPENVSERVERS page for each subscribable service respectively.

3.3. Any prices displayed on OPENVSERVERS websites have taxes inclusive. The CLIENT agrees to pay the amount shown on the website at the moment of subscribing to a service.

3.4. OPENVSERVERS is entitled to raise any prices fees at their discretion - once per month. In case of an amendment to the statutory sales tax level or by our supplier’s, OPENVSERVERS is entitled to adjust the fees for goods or services, which are delivered in the course of a continuing obligation, starting from the time the amendment is taking effect.

3.4.1. If the CLIENT paid upfront for a specific service or license (e.g. 3, 6 or 12 months), or has a contract longer than one month, OPENVSERVERS is entitled to adjust any prices fees and request to the CLIENT to pay the difference.

3.4.2. Any price increase is subject to the CLIENT’s consent. The consent is considered as given if the CLIENT does not object to it within four weeks after receiving the notification of the change. OPENVSERVERS commits to inform the CLIENT in the notification of change about the consequences of an omitted objection.

3.4.3. OPENVSERVERS reserves the right to terminate the service of the CLIENT and provide a partial refund based on the amount of unused time.

3.5. The time of service provision begins to run from the time of activation by OPENVSERVERS and ends on the date specified respectively in the CLIENT customer area.

3.5.1. Payments must be made before the due date indicated in the CLIENT customer area (3.5).

3.5.2. OPENVSERVERS reserves the right to suspend or cancel any service after the due date of the service indicated in the CLIENT customer area (3.5).

3.5.3. After the due date of the service indicated in the CLIENT customer area (3.5), the CLIENT agrees to have the service terminated and lose any data related to it.

3.6. Predicting the cases in which the CLIENT intends to reactivate the service, OPENVSERVERS reserves the right to decide for how many days maintain the suspension without finally removing the service. Any services may be permanently removed after the expiration date.

3.7. All prices quoted are not binding unless they are confirmed contractually. Errors and omissions in our prices excepted.

4. Notification

4.1. OPENVSERVERS send payment reminders by email to the primary and billing contacts as a courtesy, duly in advance of the due date indicated in the CLIENT customer area (3.5).

5. Disputes

5.1. OPENVSERVERS reserves the right to cancel the account and any services associated in case there is a Paypal or Credit Card dispute.

5.2. OPENVSERVERS reserves the right to charge - at least - 25 USD or EUR for any billing dispute and up to the maximum amount of any services provided.